Knee Support Sleeve for Women and Men - Compression Brace for Ligament Injury, Joint Pain Relief, Running, Arthritis, ACL, MCL, Sport

Product Description

As we age, our bones, joints and the cartilage that holds them together can incur wear and tear, which may lead to pain and stiffness, especially in the morning or after activity.
Knee Support Sleeve's are beneficial following acute injury and for simple degenerative conditions that have worsened over time.

Botanique Knee Supports can be helpful if the joints are painful when using stairs, walking or even when sitting or standing. They can help to relieve, alleviate or remove pain as well as control uncomfortable and unsightly swelling.

Knee problems can range from mild niggles to full-blown injuries that require an operation to fix, so if you’re experiencing knee pain the first thing to do is go and see a doctor or a physiotherapist to find out the cause.

The perfect sleeve for everyday use---regardless of your lifestyle and hobbies. A favourite among sports enthusiasts, our knee brace provides reliable support through strenuous activity.


Pain Relief

The Knee Support Sleeve can help protect the existing uninjured structures and ensures that the knee gets the proper support, as the damaged structures repair. Facilitate stability by preventing posterior and anterior translation, medial and lateral sliding; and internal/external rotations. In case of posterior capsule injury they can help prevent further hyperextension.

People might use a knee Support Sleeve to manage chronic conditions like arthritis, by helping to reduce pain and inflammation. Compression is proven to promote muscle recovery and injury prevention, our brace relieves muscle stiffness, extra soreness and offers rejuvenating relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis, pain & discomfort, allowing you to perform at your peak in all situations.

Ultimate Comfort and Support

Our lightweight and breathable Knee Support Sleeve was constructed to offer you maximum comfort and support. It provides continuous knee support by keeping it in a neutral position, helps improve stability, reduces pain and discomfort with supportive design, which can be worn during the day and night. These supports need to be comfortable to wear for long periods and also flexible enough to not unduly restrict movement, while being more supportive than a basic sleeve support.


Our knee Support Sleeve delivers targeted compression with moderate support for the knee. Any activity that involves large levels of stress on the joints such as running, football, cricket, tennis, athletics, cycling, hiking, basketball, weightlifting etc. The ergonomic design with extra adjustable strap boosts your circulation in a targeted way, which will shorten your recovery time and reduce swelling, whilst your body recuperates from an exercise session. 


It is important to the select the correct size knee brace, as this will be vital in the product's effectiveness. Please check the size guide picture as reference for choosing your suitable knee brace. The item is available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  

Advanced premium Material

Made of high quality, nylon 55%, 35% rubber string &10% Spandex, designed for all day comfort, flexibility, anti-odour, breathable & ultra-durable and, doesn't roll, slide or slip down. The incorporation of soft comfort zones behind your knee joint in the crease ensures your wearing comfort and freedom of movement. This helps with compliance, which in turn helps with accelerated rehabilitation

In order to maintain elastic and compression properties,wash it at or below 30°C; you can also use hand wash. Let them naturally air dry, avoid dryer or bask in the sun. Material care:

  • Hand wash only
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not dry clean


Colours Available

Green, Orange and Black


Sizes Available

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


Package Includes

One Knee Support Sleeve

Hazards and Cautions

Keep out of reach of children.

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Remove immediately if product is uncomfortable or too tight.

Not for use against broken skin.

Not to be used with hot or cold compresses.

Not for use with topical creams.

Do not wear overnight whilst sleeping.

Keep away from naked flame.

Seek medical advice if pain is severe, joint movement is restricted or no improvement is seen within 72 hours.

Not for long term use.