Botanique Wrist Hand Brace Support Carpal Tunnel Splint Arthritis Sprain Stabilizer Straps

At Botanique we aim to provide the best products for our customers. Premium quality, non-toxic material and remarkable minimalist design feature. Our Hand Braces are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Our wrist splints have been engineered to help reduce pain experienced from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Our Wrist Splints or Wrist Braces are designed with a metal bar, which rests underneath the wrist, and keeps the carpal tunnel in the neutral position. This is where the Carpal Tunnel is at its widest and the nerve is least compressed.


Pain Relief -No more suffering from carpal tunnel, tendonitis, or arthritis pain. These wrist splints provide optimum compression, which help in improving blood circulation, relieve pain and sprain to make sure you sleep peacefully.When worn to stabilize the wrist during sleep, a wrist splint can reduce pain and pressure on the median nerve. It is suitable for sufferers of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tendon, Soft Tissue injuries, Neuropathic dysfunction, Fractures and Sprains.

Ease of Fit -The wrist Support is a convenient and easy-to-use product. With one fastener, the neoprene strap can accommodate most wrist sizes with ease. It's so simple to slip it on that you'll be getting back to your day in no time while still getting optimum wrist safety.

Ultimate Comfort & Support -Our lightweight and breathable carpal tunnel brace was constructed to offer you maximum comfort and support. It provides continuous hand support by keeping your wrist and hand in a neutral position, helps improve stability, reduces pain and discomfort with supportive design, which can be worn during the day and night.

Firm and Adjustable -Our hand brace features lightweight metal splint that rests underneath your wrist to relieve pressure on tendons, which can be removed to achieve greater flexibility.The brace has adjustable straps for controlled compression, which also enables it to fit most hands.

Advance Premium Material -The durable brace comes with a built in splint and is made with breathable materials that are built to last. With the moist-wicking anti-sweat property, our hand splint uses advance ventilated Neoprene and nylon keeping your hand dry and comfortable to wear at work, throughout the day and night.